TD 1

1.Work done in various processes
1. Work done in isothermal process
Minimum work done is isothermal work. The maximum work obtainable from a closed system under isothermal operation is equal to minimum work required for steady isothermal compression of real gas

2.Work done for steady flow process

3.Work done by ideal single stage compressor

4.Work done by ideal two stage compressor with intercooling

5.Separation of mixture
Minimum work required for separation of mixture

7.Additional work involved in work done by gas
In case of any additional work involved in work done by gas , say shaft work, then total work done becomes

8.Reversible work done by compressor

9.van der waal’s work
Work done by van der waal’s gas undergoing reversible isothermal process from vi to vf

10.Separate binary gas mixture
Minimum work required to separate a binary gas mixture at temperature To and pressure Po

11.Work done in extraction
In extraction, minimum work for extraction of only one component

2.Clayperon Equation

3. Classius – Clayperon equation

This equation is valid at low pressure operation only.

4.Vant Hoff’s equation
Vant Hoff’s equation: Dependency of equilibrium constant on temperature

5.Van der waal equation of state

6.Joule thompson expansion
1. Joule-thompson coefficient

7.Coefficient of performance
Coefficient of performance of refigerator, heat pump and relation between them

8.Enthalpy and Gibbs energy

dU = TdS – PdV is valid for infinitesmall changes in closed system with varied composition.


2.Isentropic process

3. Change in entropy

10. Internal energy
Change in internal energy as function of pressure, temperature , volume and entropy

11. Polytropic process
For polytropic expansion

12. Critical points in P-V-T relation
For determining critical points in P-V-T relation, do the following

13.Extent of a reaction
For calculating extent of a reaction do the following calculations

14. Relationship between Cp and Cv