How to prepare for gate chemical engineering 2019

                                       HOW TO PREPARE FOR GATE 2019 CHEMICAL ENGINEERING :- 

Start preparing by solving 5-10 previous year papers :- it will give you good idea about what you have to prepare and what not to prepare . Because in this competitive world you need to be smart along with having knowledge. 

Complete GATE whole syllabus as soon as possible :- you are going to take GATE 2018. So,you have to complete it before GATE 2018 examinations.Examiner may ask questions from any subject and also from any topic mentioned in GATE 2018 syllabus. Solve all previous year paper (1990-2018) Dont just solve them,understand them. GATE questions doesn’t repeat but concepts do.Solving more previous papers you will be familiarize with concepts which will definitely reduce problem solving time and will boost accuracy. you can practice previous year papers at 

Solve questions which are closely related to previously asked questions :- GATE exam is an online computer based test. So the mock tests will familiarize you with exam like environment and will also help you to improve your GATE 2018 preparations. you can practice large number of free mocks at with varying difficulty level that will give exact GATE like experience. 

Join a good test series (find your mistakes and weak areas) :- You can identify what types of mistakes you do make sure it wont happen again because when you solve the paper next time you’ll have it in the back of your mind where you can make a mistake and immediately spot it when it happens! Re-attempt all the questions you did get right or didn’t even attempt. First do yourself with no time limit. Use notes/books if needed. But if you still can’t solve it… only then see the solution provided. Since the there are so many tests – they will exhaustively cover the entire syllabus – this gives you the opportunity to know what you are still let to cover. 

Lastly – the most obvious point – identify the areas you are weak in and then work on them. Then give another test and verify. We all know that GATE is a competitive exam i.e you have to compete among all other aspirants to get good AIR to get PSUs or IITs.A test series will provide you all india rank,comparison with toppers marks. You can take the best rated test series for chemical engineering at 

Revise again and again :- we all know that syllabus of GATE is very vast, revision is must if u want to have all your concepts gripped together and yes test series will also help you in this regards to recall you concept i.e indirect revision.