FM 3

  • Filtration

1.Rate of filtration

For filtration

2. Constant pressure filtration

At constant rate filtration, linear velocity dv/Adt  is constant. Therefore,

  • Specific cake resistance
    Linear velocity of filtrate is independent of L (distance from filter
    medium), since filtrate must pass through entire cake, V/A is same for all layers.

  • Bonds law
  • 1. Equation for bonds law

2. Bonds law with work index

  • Rittinger’s law

  • Various diamters defined in solid operation and handling

1.Mass mean diameter

2.Volumetric mean diameter

3. Arithmetic mean diameter

4. Surface-Volume mean diameter

  • Thickness of pressure vessels

1. Cylinder

2. Sphere

3. Ellipsoidal head

4. Torispherical head

5. Conical section enclosure

  • Sphericity

  • Critical rotational speed for a ball mill

  • Cyclone separator

2. Collection efficiency of cyclone separator

  • Angular velocity w (omega) in rad/sec (radian per second)

  • Screen effectiveness

  • Cumulative mass fraction
    Cumulative mass fraction of particles is fraction of weight of particles having a size smaller than a given diameter of the screen.

2. Operations involving Particulate solids (Fluid
Particle Mechanics)

1. Filter

2. Separating particles

  • For separating particles of different densities, the differential settling method uses a liquid sorting medium of density intermediate of those of the heavy and light particles

3. Filter cake resistance

  • Specific cake resistance

For cake resistance

4. Tyler series

  • Tyler series for screens is based on 200 mesh sieve opening 0.074mm and increasing uniformly @scale ratio of 2^1/4. Therefore, the ratio of aperture size of screen to that smaller screen is (2^1/4)2 = 2^1/2.